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New look for First Tuesday
The First Tuesday forum is expanding its scope to generate intellectual property for the benefit of the entire industry.
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The Forum

Knowledge Platform: First Tuesday Forum
First Tuesday forums bring together the full range of a city's membership, and are designed to address issues and questions of specific interest to the business community. These events provide a briefing on noteworthy developments in business world-wide, including new market opportunities, changing business conditions, regulatory challenges, operational innovations and technology breakthroughs, while explaining their significance and the impact they will have on the business market.

Business Think Tank: Thought Leadership Forum
First Tuesday hosts a number of thought leadership events each year. Each event focuses on innovation within a chosen industry. First Tuesday gathers together Thought leaders from industry associations, industry players and competitors, analysts and the media to contribute the IP on the identified topic.

The though leaders are asked to contribute their intellectual capital by debating and completing a survey of the issues facing the industry under discussion, as well as the future prospects for growth and innovation.

This content is then presented at by our Thought Leaders in a hands-on learning workshop or a panel discussion. This is followed by a keynote address from a leading figure in the industry.

The results are collated, together with the content from the pre-event workshop and are presented on the website in a "Thought Leadership White Paper" on the topic.

Business Intelligence: Business Power Labs
First Tuesday 'Business Power Labs' simply seek to locate interesting technology or companies who are doing innovative work that is changing the way business is done and showcase it. Members are invited to the event to see the technology in action, hear case studies and decide whether it is the kind of technology they may consider using.

Please contact your relevant First Tuesday representative in your country to find out what events are happening in 2010
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